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Embrace domestic abuse specialist receives recognition for amazing work with child crime victims

A charity worker who has helped hundreds of children recover from the trauma of living with and witnessing domestic abuse has been recognised for her amazing work by the Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership (BDAP) and the former High Sheriff of Bedfordshire.

Kayleigh Dalton, national domestic abuse and safety manager for charity Embrace Child Victims of Crime, received a Certificate of Recognition this week from the former High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, Sue Lousada and the Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership for her work with children and young people over the past year. Kayleigh, who has worked for Embrace for a year, was nominated by several people for the award.

One of the nominations said: “I would like Kayleigh to be recognised for the incredible work she has done to support victims of domestic abuse both adults and children. Kayleigh’s passion for supporting and improving the lives of those impacted by domestic abuse is clear.”

Another said: “Kayleigh has forever impacted my life by also enabling me to understand the power and importance of healthy relationships. As well as receiving the best mentoring guidance, I was made to feel empowered and never judged. I have never met another person as committed to providing such selfless support to people in need.”

Another nomination said: “Kayleigh recognised my vulnerability and helped turn all my weaknesses to strengths and for that I am forever grateful to her. She is a truly amazing woman.”

The email that was sent to inform her of the recognition certificate said, “We wanted to send a special thank you to Kayleigh on behalf of all the children she has helped support throughout some of their most difficult and challenging times. Thank you, Kayleigh, for your dedication and commitment and thank you for your passion, your enthusiasm and your consistent support for those affected by domestic abuse across Bedfordshire.”

Kayleigh said: “The email came completely out of the blue and I am really grateful and feel really honoured to have received it. I love the work I do and feel very privileged to be able to help children and young people recover from their often-harrowing experiences and move on to be much happier in their lives.”

Anne Campbell, chief executive of Embrace Child Victims of Crime, said: “I am absolutely delighted for Kayleigh and this award is very well deserved. Kayleigh is a valued member of the Embrace team and the comments about her dedication and hard work are incredible and a great tribute to her. Kayleigh puts children at the centre of everything she does, treating every child as an individual and listening to them and working with them to build their trust and help them rebuild their lives.”

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