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Vision and Mission

You can overcome the trauma and pain caused by crime

Crime devastates young lives. When children and young people become victims or witnesses to crime it can take away their self confidence and self esteem and cause fear, anxiety and lots of other problems. 

Please do not suffer in silence – we are here to help. 

We are the only UK charity that spends all our time helping young victims and witnesses to crime to rebuild their lives. 

 Whether you are here because you are a young person looking for help or if you are a parent or professional seeking help for a young person or family who are struggling, we are here for you. 

Our Vision

We will provide the right services at the right time to support children and young people traumatised or disadvantaged by crime.

Our Mission

Prioritising the needs of children and young people to help them recover from the effects of criminal abuse, exploitation and violence and providing trauma-informed online, telephone and face-to-face counselling services and practical help.

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