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Our values

At Embrace Child Victims of Crime we care passionately about young crime victims and witnesses and their families.

We strive to give them the right services at the right time to help heal their trauma.

We are continually looking to refine, evolve, adapt and improve our services to ensure they meet the needs of the young people we support.

Embrace - mending, hearts, minds and families


Warm and WelcomingWe will behave in a polite and friendly manner at all times to encourage anyone who comes into contact with us to want to build a lasting relationship.

Empathetic –                            We will listen, show understanding and ensure every child knows they are believed.  We will give them the tools to help them recover from their trauma.

Compassionate  –                    We will take time to understand the situation and circumstances faced by each young person referred to us and, putting their wishes first, find the best recovery services to help heal their trauma.

Ambitious –                             We will continually strive to refine and improve the services we provide to build our reputation as the leading provider of support services for young crime victims.  We will always go the extra mile to aid young people’s recovery. 

Relentless –                              We will be unstinting in our pursuit to ensure children who come to us receive the services they deserve to heal their trauma and make a full recovery. 

Effective and Enduring  -      We will be flexible in our approach, carefully considering each individual’s child’s circumstances, to offer personalised recovery services to that child to meet that family’s individual needs and circumstances.