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Sometimes its good to talk…with someone who is caring, non-judgemental and who won’t be fazed by whatever you say. Someone who is on your side.

We can provide a ‘no wait’ access to counselling therapy, matching a child up with the right person in the right place and with the right type of support.

We do this through our own database of trained counsellors. All are affiliated to one of the recognised professional counselling and psychotherapy bodies and have clearance to work with our clients.

In most areas we’ll have young people’s counsellors who are able to deliver their services via one-to-one counselling in a range of centres across the UK, or via webcam and telephone counselling.

Who is eligible for the service?

Any child between 12 and 18 years who has been a victim of or a witness to a serious crime, who have been affected by it and who need emotional support to cope and recover.

This includes those who have witnessed domestic abuse.

For younger children, we will try to find local play therapists and offer support and guidance to parents and carers so that they can emotionally support the child within the family.

How to refer? Click here to reach our simple online form

Could you counsel our clients?

In order to grow our service to meet increasing demand, we’re looking for counsellors who specialise in young people and families to work with our clients.

If you are a trained therapist/counsellor and either registered or affiliated to one of the recognised professional bodies in the UK and have a valid vetting certificate in place, we’d like to here from you.

Please send an email to explaining why you feel you could help young victims and witnesses of crime, outlining your experience and including your contact details.

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