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We are here for you. We offer emotional and practical support to help you understand your feelings and overcome your trauma.

We’re solely focused on supporting children, young people and families who are victims of serious crime.
We help them cope with what has happened, support their recovery and provide services that enable them to put events behind them, move on and fulfil their life’s potential.

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What we do

Embrace works with law enforcement agencies and safeguarding professionals in a variety of ways. We forge meaningful partnerships with organisations to deliver help.

Our range of emotional, practical, specialist and cheer-up support services make a big difference in brightening young people’s lives after the devastating effects of crime.

Whatever is needed to help a child cope with what has happened, recover and move on is what we aim to deliver.

Please see below for more information on the services we offer.

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Support where it’s needed

Embrace provides four distinct areas of support for children, young people and family members..


Straightforward practical support has included paying for school uniform after a bullied child was forced to move home and providing music lessons for a withdrawn teenager who’d been assaulted.


We’ve built a network of counsellors and partnered with Relate too, so Embrace can provide specialist support for young people traumatised by crime. We’ve also developed a family focused approach in this area of our work.


Embrace representatives working within dedicated Victims’ Hubs give us the opportunity to reach out directly to families and children affected by crime and tailor our emotional support, advice and guidance to exactly what’s needed.


Sometimes a family break can make all the di erence. Theme park days and Disney residential holidays have been shown to substantially help the healing process for children and families a icted by serious crime.

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Corporate Partnerships


Partner with us and your organisation will help improve the lives, and life prospects, of children affected by serious crime across the UK.

Our corporate partnerships go beyond simple fund-raising to include a wider commitment to building a better society, where childhood trauma is not a bar to future success.

S+G go for gold!


Slater & Gordon

Lawyers Slater+Gordon have become our first gold level corporate partners in a link-up that formalises a working relationship built up over recent years.

Slater+Gordon are well-known for their sponsorship of police family liaison officer work and events across the UK and have been regular attendees at Embrace’s gala dinners.

“We offer a warm welcome to S+G to our exclusive corporate ‘club’ and look forward to developing our working relationship” said chief executive Anne Campbell.

Refer a child

We don’t believe any child needing specialist help should have to go on a waiting list.

We always carry out an initial assessment for counselling referrals and, where appropriate, will match those in need of help with specialist young people and family counsellors.

To make a referral, please complete our online referral form by clicking on the button below.

Alternatively you can contact us by telephone or email. We aim to respond in most cases within 48 hours. Urgent referrals will be prioritised.

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We are looking for volunteers who can act as local co-ordinators for Embrace Child Victims of Crime all across the UK – letting us know of local events that we can get involved with and representing us.


Why not organise a fundraising event, take part in a sporting challenge, volunteer your time or simply make a one-off donation?