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Embrace promotes Child Victims of Crime Month

Children’s charity Embrace CVOC will use the month of October to promote greater awareness and support for child victims of crime across the UK.

Each year, the charity helps thousands of children and their families cope with trauma suffered as a result of serious crime. 

Child Victims of Crime Month will be used to highlight the needs of young victims and to raise additional funds ensuring even more children can receive the help they need.

Anne Campbell, Chief Executive of Embrace CVOC, said: “The impact of crime at any stage of a child’s development can have long-lasting consequences. 

“Trauma can manifest in many ways including in behavioural and mental health issues, in alcohol and substance misuse later on in life, or in repeat victimisation and criminal behaviour.

“It’s our experience, in over 25 years of delivering support to young people affected by crime in the UK, that the right intervention can positively influence how young victims cope and recover. 

“We believe that early, accessible and victim-focused support should be available to all child victims of crime equitably, to prevent the life-time impact of crime on both the individual and on society.” 

Embrace CVOC works with children up to the age of 18 (or 24 with additional needs) who have suffered, witnessed, or been left bereaved as a result of serious crime. Children are referred primarily by the police or by safeguarding officers in statutory or voluntary agencies.

Its services include emotional support, including a range of specialist therapy, practical support as well as access to leisure activities and short breaks, allowing families to spend time together and build happy memories.

Each year, the charity helps more than 2,000 young people including victims of sexual abuse, violence and neglect, relying on corporate and individual fund-raising activities.

During October, as part of Child Victims of Crime Month, people will be encouraged to donate a pound to Embrace to help put a smile on the face of young victims of crime.