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Refer A Child


We need some basic information to get the ball rolling.

We appreciate that some information will be sensitive so we are not asking for much detail at this stage.

We can can reassure you that the details you disclose will be handled sensitively and we won’t be sharing or keeping personal information without your permission.

Our systems are encrypted to the highest standards and are regularly reviewed to ensure we provide the best possible service to keep your data safe.

If you are referring more than one child for counselling, emotional support or Dear Santa please complete one form per child.

Guidance on referrals for Time4U

Time4U is our talking therapy service and for this we only take referrals from the following agencies:

  • Police
  • Victims Hubs
  • ISVAs
  • IDVAs

We regret we are not able accept self referrals for our emotional support services at this time. If you are unsure, please request a telephone consultation with a Victim Care Officer by emailing

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