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Young crime victims get access to remote counselling thanks to £11,500 grant

Young victims of domestic abuse in West Yorkshire could now be offered remote counselling to heal their trauma thanks to a £11,500 grant from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

The programme is being delivered by Embrace Child Victims of Crime and will give the children and young people emotional support over the phone or online over video calls.

Alison Lowe, West Yorkshire’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, said: “The pandemic left many families trapped together indoors for a long period of time and it can be of no surprise that we have seen a rise in domestic abuse cases. Children are often the hidden victims of these crimes and I, along with the Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin, want to ensure children in West Yorkshire, who are suffering because of domestic abuse, are given access to help and support as soon as possible.”

They new programme with Embrace will provide 300 support sessions for between 30 and 50 children across West Yorkshire.

Embrace Child Victims of Crime is a small national charity that provides emotional and practical support to children and young people harmed by crime. Last year, the charity supported 3,000 children and their families across the UK tailoring support to meet each family’s circumstances. From talking therapies and counselling to food or clothes vouchers, from toys and games to theme park days out, the charity tailors its support to meet each family’s specific needs.

Anne Campbell, Chief Executive of Embrace Child Victims of Crime, said: “Last year we saw a four-fold increase in the number of children referred to us who had suffered because of domestic abuse. I am delighted that children are now recognised as victims of these crimes as they sadly can be scarred by the incidents they witness. We welcome this opportunity to further expand our services in West Yorkshire, complementing existing services and enabling more young victims to receive support when they need it.”

Many of the children Embrace supports have been victims of domestic abuse, sexual and physical abuse, neglect or have lost a parent through homicide. To find out more about Embrace visit