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Marco Galea For Embrace Child Victims Of Crime

Marco to run on (almost!) broken leg

Personal trainer Marco Galea (above) is determined to complete Sunday’s London Marathon despite having an injury that would put most people out of action.

Marco, from Somersham, Cambridgeshire, has a hairline fracture in his lower left leg but says that he will walk the route if necessary.

Well supported by a legion of friends and family, Marco has been training for months to get fit for his first London marathon and was delighted to be part of the Embrace team.

Embrace CEO Anne Campbell says: “We’re amazed at the determination of Marco – he has been so positive from the outset.  We know he will try his hardest and delight all those who are following him.

“Whatever happens, it will be a memorable marathon for him!  Keep safe!.”

Visit Marco’s Fundraising Page

Marco Galea for Embrace Child Victims Of Crime