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Embrace joins Bright Sky app to support young domestic violence victims

National children’s charity Embrace Child Victims of Crime has joined a scheme to help victims of domestic violence get the help and support they need.

Bright Sky, is a free mobile app and website, launched by charity Hestia, which signposts victims to the support services available to them including Embrace Child Victims of Crime.

The app is aimed at people experiencing domestic abuse, or those who are worried about someone they know. It supports the Government-backed Ask for ANI (Action Needed Immediately) codeword and Safe Spaces campaign to allow victims of domestic abuse access support from the safety of their local pharmacy. When someone asks for ANI they are encouraged to download the Bright Sky app.

In 2020, half of the referrals made to Embrace CVOC were for children who were suffering trauma because of domestic violence. The number of referrals about children who had experienced domestic violence rose by over 200 per cent.

Anne Campbell, chief executive of Embrace CVOC said: “Like many charities dealing with families affected by domestic abuse we have seen a noticeable increase in cases in the past year. “We were very keen to join the Bright Sky app to ensure that when adults with families are seeking support they hear about our services available for their children.”

Embrace CVOC is unique because it’s the only organisation in the UK that solely supports child victims of crime. Police officers, teachers or others working in safeguarding roles refer them to us for trauma-led support including counselling and talking therapies and emotional and practical support including hardship packages.

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