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Restoring smiles: Our peer group break for children harmed by crime

In August Embrace took 28 children, and their families, away for a fully funded, fun-packed week at PGL. The week consisted of outdoor activities, a tour of London and a chance to see the amazing Lion King musical in London.

This year’s trip brought together children, parents, grandparents, and guardians, impacted by crimes including murder, homicide, serious sexual abuse, and domestic violence and provided the opportunity for the families to heal, to come to terms with shifts in relationships and for children and young people to feel safe with their loved ones, have a wonderful adventure and be children again.

Doing so as part of a group, with others who have been through similarly traumatic experiences is hugely therapeutic, helping families on their journey back to ‘normality’.

So much of the feedback we get is about not feeling judged, realising they are not alone, and we know that lifelong friendships have been made.

“Having direct contact with other families who have had similar experiences, albeit absolutely tragic, has been so helpful and we feel has been essential for us to move forward”

These are the powerful words of a grieving grandmother who is now responsible for their 13-year-old grandson after his mother’s murder.

Thanks to your fund-raising efforts, hers was one of 9 families to have benefited from our unique and therapeutic holidays.

The families we support, who have lost loved ones to homicide or have suffered years of domestic violence, could not have experienced this opportunity without the support of Embrace, even the cost of a day out is often too much for them to afford.

Embrace CEO Anne Campbell said: “At Embrace we believe that every young person, regardless of the challenge they’ve faced, deserves the simple joys of childhood. Our commitment to supporting children harmed by crime to recover from their trauma goes beyond counselling and practical support; it extends to creating this unique experience that fosters healing, resilience and lasting memories. Together, we can provide these young survivors with the support and connections they need to rebuild their lives.”

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Embrace CVoC works with children who have suffered trauma because of crime. They may be grieving the loss of their mum, dad, brother, sister or other family member who has been killed by crime. They might have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse, violence or exploitation or have been living in a home torn apart by domestic violence. These children have had to deal with often unimaginable horrors in their young lives and agencies such as the police, social services or support charities refer them to Embrace CVoC to get the help and support they need.

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