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Making a difference – 2023

2023 has been a difficult year for everyone.  The continued cost of living crisis has impacted on Embrace, as it has many other charities, with increased demand for our services, high delivery costs and yet a more difficult fundraising environment.  

We are extremely proud to have been able to support all the children, young people and their families that we have this year.  Helping them to recover from the trauma of crimes committed against them, to navigate a new world and begin their journey of recovery. 

Children and young people are always at the heart of everything we do and in 2023 our team of just 15 people were able to help 4,715 young survivors of crime. 

We made sure they had access to the therapeutic support they needed to overcome their experiences, that someone would advocate for them at school or with family so that their voice was heard.  That families had access to advice and guidance and practical support so that children could engage in support without worry. And we were able to show that they were loved, that they deserved nice things, and happy experiences by sending gifts and providing days out for them to start to build happier memories. 

Our services are used across the country, with referrals from all 43 Police Force areas in England, as well as Scotland and the Channel Islands.

The children and young people we support have been harmed by horrific experiences – 35% have experience domestic abuse, 21% sexual abuse and 11% assault.  9% have lost a loved one to homicide. 

Through our tailored support packages, we are able to make a real difference in their lives.  They can begin their journey of recovery and go on to fulfil their potential. 

From a mum whose family we supported: “My children were seen by your support worker following domestic violence towards them by their dad. They received six weeks of support. You also helped me get a social worker, provided food vouchers, a security doorbell, activities for the children and a day out to Alton Towers. We will be forever grateful for your help and support. You turned an extremely difficult situation into something we now feel we can cope with individually and as a family.”

 We couldn’t do any of this without our wonderful supporters. Individuals, Police and Crime Commissioners, corporate partners and trusts who provide the funding that enables us to deliver these service free of charge.  It is thanks to you that not only have we been able to provide therapeutic support, but also provide over 1,300 gifts for children who may not otherwise have a present under the tree this Christmas morning.  We would especially like to thank 

  • All those that donated to our Double Donation weeks in June and December 
  • Shoplight Ltd 
  • Motorola Solutions 
  • Telefonica Tech 
  • Altia 
  • Cellmark 
  • Celerity 


And a special thanks to Amazon, Bluewater Giving, Motorola, Rockjam and Lush for helping us deliver gifts of choice to children at Christmas. 

Embrace Child Victims of Crime works with children who have suffered trauma because of crime. They may be grieving the loss of their mum, dad, brother, sister, or other family member killed through crime. Some have experienced sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, violence or exploitation or have been living in a home torn apart by domestic abuse. These children have had to deal with often unimaginable horrors in their young lives and agencies such as the police, social services or support charities refer them to Embrace to get the help and support they need.

To find out more about the support Embrace offers visit

You can also call our helpline on 0345 60 999 60 from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm.