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Anne Campbell - Chief executive of Embrace Child Victims of Crime

Chief executive Anne Campbell launches Dear Santa 2021

Making Christmas magical for children harmed by crime

Christmas is 50 days away and many people are starting their shopping to ensure Santa’s sleigh is packed with goodies for their friends and family.

But Santa needs YOUR help.

He has a special wish list of presents from children facing terrible trauma because of crimes that have happened to them or they have witnessed.

These children have told us about one gift they’d really like this Christmas and Santa is hoping YOU can ensure they get it.
Our Dear Santa campaign is now it it’s fifth year.

Last year, thanks to the generosity of our supporters we were able to provide 1,132 gifts for children harmed by crime.
Each child who is referred to Dear Santa 2021 is asked to choose a gift worth up to £35. All of these gifts are made available on our website here.

Our elves make sure the presents are wrapped and sent to the child who wished for them ready to open on Christmas Day.

We support children and their families who have been harmed by all kinds of crime. Their mum, dad, brother, sister or other family member might have been unlawfully killed. Some have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse or have been traumatised by domestic abuse. Police, social services and other safeguarding professionals refer them to Embrace for support.

Chief executive of Embrace Child Victims of Crime Anne Campbell said: “Many families we support are suffering real hardship. Some of the children have never had a Christmas present before. Dear Santa gives us all a chance to sprinkle some Christmas magic. “When you buy a gift you will be giving these children a reason to smile on Christmas Day. We know times are tough for people this year snd so if people cannot afford to buy a gift on their own they can donate or club together with friends or colleagues to buy a gift between them.”

To buy a gift for a child visit