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Young Listeners Programme- Peterborough Police Cadets

Last week the Peterborough Police Cadets took part in our young listeners training programme to provide a listening peer group service for young people in schools.

The training delivered by Marc James, Embrace’s Service Support Manager and Kelly Johnson, Embrace’s Young Victims Care Officer took place at the Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough, where 25 volunteers joined us to be trained as young listeners.

Marc James was thrilled to have such an enthusiastic response. The listening training covered key points including, Active listening skills, Communication, Body Language, Confidentiality, Safeguarding awareness and signposting.

The cadets who took part are now trained and equipped to go into schools to provide a listening peer group service for young people who need support. Marc James stated ‘Im really pleased with how the Cadets embraced the training and they are now equipped with additional skills to help their peers’

After completing the training the cadets received a certificate of attendance and now have plans to take the service into schools around Peterborough.

The idea of young people helping young people makes perfect sense, Kelly Johnson stated ‘this work is really key as young people hear far more than adults and they can be the difference in getting them the much needed support’

Thank you to all the Police Cadets who took part in our listening training programme. We hope that our new listening service will be able to help young victims of crime feel more comfortable to speak out and seek help.