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Mental Health Awareness Week


This Mental Health Awareness Week are asking you to help us be there for more children and young people who have been harmed by crime

In the aftermath of crime, innocent children are often left with wounds that are not visible but that can have a lifelong impact. At this crucial moment, your support could make all the difference.

Embrace provides specialist therapeutic and practical support that can help children process their experiences, rebuild their self-worth and confidence, and go on to thrive despite their experiences.

A small, regular donation could make a very big difference to a child who needs our help.


During Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re raising money to make sure that no child has to overcome the trauma of crime alone.

Your regular donation will help us to provide the therapeutic support that can help young survivors of crime recover from their trauma, rebuild their lives and go on to thrive.

No child should be harmed by crime, but whilst they are we want to help them recover