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Embrace provides Christmas experience for 27 young survivors of crime

With the holiday season upon and with the cost-of-living crisis hitting many families hard we know some will be struggling to get into the festive sprit this year.  

Embrace Child Victims of Crime wanted to bring the magic of Christmas alive for children who, through no fault of their own, have been struggling after the devastating effects of crime and thanks to the wonderful team at Willows Activity Farm, in Hertfordshire we were able to provide a festive fun filled day out at Williows Activity Farm for 27 children and their families.  

All of the families who attended the day out are being supported by Embrace because of crimes they have experienced and a key part of helping families recover from their trauma is helping them to move on and make new happy memories together.  

This day out provided a perfect opportunity for that, and we are so incredibly grateful to the team at Willows Activity Farm for giving them all a special day to remember. 

The day out was kindly funded by Willows Activity Farm, Coursers Road, London Colney near St Albans. 

Head of Income and Communications, Emma Fleming, said “We are hugely grateful to Willows farm for their generously providing such memorable experiences for some of the families we support. Their kind donation offer a chance for families to create cherished memories and enjoy a truly enchanting day.” 

One of the mums who attended the event said : ‘The children and I have such a magical day out together. We all really enjoyed the amazing activities and the setting. It gave us all a day away from the norm to just enjoy each other’s company whilst having fun. We are all very appreciative of this.”

Embrace Child Victims of Crime support young victims and witnesses of crime to recover from their trauma and rebuild their lives. We help all victims, but our team has expertise in supporting those affected by all kinds of abuse, violence and exploitation. We provide emotional support and counselling and practical support including food and school uniform vouchers to help families harmed by crime and struggling because of the cost-of-living crisis.  

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