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We Will Overcome is available for download from Amazon and iTunes now at a cost of £0.99 – download at iTunes or download at Amazon

All proceeds for young victims of ‘lockdown’ domestic and sexual abuse

SINGER/SONGWRITER Trevor Jones has created a musical response to the lows of ‘lockdown’ and the fears and anxieties of the virus pandemic.

His song and accompanying video are an upbeat, catchy message of hope to everyone worrying about the virus as its main message is that, together, they will come through and be together with family and friends once again.

In We Will Overcome, Trevor from Cambridgeshire, has brought together talented family members and fellow musicians from across the UK who perform together in virtual reality.

All have given their time freely in aid of Embrace Child Victims of Crime – all 99p downloads of the song will go to the charity.

The virtual ‘band’ includes a West End musical director from London, a Spanish singer/songwriter who opens the song, Trevor’s daughter from Hereford and a virtuoso solo guitarist from Cambridge.

For the video, he found a teenage Russian dancer and a romantic couple from Eastern Europe who can’t hide their joy at being reunited.

Embrace Chief Executive Anne Campbell said: “I was blown away when I heard the song and saw the video.  It has a great upbeat, catchy riff with lyrics that capture the moment.

Everyone has been affected by the virus restrictions and to be reminded that we will all get together again is a great message. It will be OK!

Every download will help us to help those children who have had an extra-tough time in lockdown – so many have been living in tense, scary households and will be in need of support.

Most common reason for referral to Embrace is for abuse, either sexual abuse or domestic violence – we help thousands of children and their families every year.”

Trevor Jones explained that his link with Embrace was initially through developing their website when he discovered the difficult, sensitive work they did to help put young lives back on track after serious crime.

“Embrace does truly amazing work with courageous and brave children, helping them to cope with what happened and to move on.  It was an easy choice to dedicate the song to them.

“The inspiration for the song came in response to the separation from friends, family and loved ones due to social distancing, and also the anxiety and uncertainty felt by so many during this pandemic. The message of the song, is that this will pass, we will be together again, and together we will overcome these challenges and be stronger for it”.

Embrace, based in Peterborough, is the only national children’s charity which is solely focused on supporting children and young people harmed by crime.

It operates in all part of the UK, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, and delivers a range of support including access to therapy, practical support and uplifting experiences.

We Will Overcome is available for download from Amazon and iTunes now at a cost of £0.99 – download at iTunes or download at Amazon

To find out more about how you can help Embrace visit