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Team Embrace conquer hottest London Marathon on record

This years London Marathon was a true test of mental and physical strength as our runners battled sweltering conditions with temperatures reaching up to 24.1C. After months of training in preparation for this day nothing could have prepared our team for the blazing heat.

The 26.2 mile race started at 10:00 on Sunday 22nd April at Blackheath with Team Embrace- Joanne Shiner, Steve Howells, Brian Mcphillie, James Mayer and Caroline Adams at the start line set and ready to go. The atmosphere electric, Team Embrace set off from Blackheath heading towards Greenwich Park- roaring crowds giving them an early boost from miles 1-7.

Miles 8-22 takes Team Embrace through the south-east part of the city past Canary Wharf and over tower Bridge. Next comes the most challenging stretch, miles 23-26- where the crowds gather to cheer on exhausted runners.

Team Embrace giving it their all head for the final stretch over Tower Bridge before passing the Victoria Embankment. The finish line in sight, our team pass Westminster before crossing onto the Mall and fishing up at Buckingham Palace as heroes.

Trustee Steve Howells quotes- “THE most incredible experience! The crowd, during an exceptionally HOT run, kept us all going! I was proud to represent such a worthwhile cause as ours – Embrace CVOC!”

Team Embrace Caroline Adams said – “Doing the Virgin London Marathon was incredible. It was always on my bucket list, and did not disappoint. The atmosphere is indescribable! To have an experience like that while also raising money for amazing charities like EmbraceCVOC is just amazing.” 

Trustee Jo Shiner said-“I was incredibly humbled by the London Marathon experience and so pleased to be running it to raise money for Embrace (CVOC). There is little doubt that the training during the cold dark winter mornings was challenging, but entirely worth it when I crossed the finish line on Sunday. For me, the few hours of hard work are a very small sacrifice to make compared to the sad experiences that some of the beneficiaries of CVOC endure. Every penny that I was kindly sponsored made every single step worth it. Thank you for the experience! “

As a collective Team Embrace raised over £9,000 for Embrace CVOC. The money raised will allow Embrace to help young victims cope with what has happened, support their recovery and provide services that enable them to put events behind them, move on and fulfil their life’s potential.

Embrace CEO Anne Campbell said- ‘Massive respect for our five runners who found their deepest reserves to finish a truly memorable marathon.  We salute your efforts and say a very big thank you on behalf of all the children you will be supporting.’

Congratulations to Team Embrace for completing the 2018 London Marathon and for raising vital funds to help support young victims of crime recover and move on.