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Simon Bailey QPM, DL

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Simon Bailey QPM, DL, former Chief Constable of Norfolk Police, and national police lead for child protection has joined Embrace Child Victims of Crime as chair of the board of trustees.

Simon, a police officer with Norfolk Police for 35 years who rose through every rank from beat bobby to Chief Constable, oversaw some of the greatest changes in the way sexual exploitation crimes are dealt with and brings with him a wealth of experience in safeguarding.

Since his retirement in June 2021, Simon continues to pursue his passion for safeguarding taking on a wide range of roles within the child protection arena including tackling exploitation, abuse and vulnerability.

He has pledged to improve the outcomes for young people whose lives have been blighted by crime and who are struggling to overcome the trauma they have suffered.

He said: “Embrace does an amazing job for the thousands of young people it supports each year. My ambition is for every child who has been a victim of crime who wants counselling and support is able to get it.”