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Anne Campbell MA FRSA


Anne has been fortunate to enjoy a demanding but varied career spanning the private, public and now voluntary sectors beginning in local newspaper journalism, a grounding that she will say laid solid foundations for what was to follow.

A pioneer of police media and public engagement whilst working for three police forces, Anne was one of the first journalists to head up media and PR for the Police. She is the founding Chair of the Association of Police Communicators.

Anne travelled extensively whilst working for British Energy plc (now part of EDF) representing the electricity generator and sector at the UN climate change conferences in Kyoto and Buenos Aires.  As part of the BE public affairs team, she was a regular commuter to Brussels and Paris.

Initially volunteering to accompany the young victims of the 2005 London bombings to Disney World, Florida, Anne always believed that Child Victims of Crime (as it was known then) could develop to support the majority of young victims of crime who needed help to recover. That journey continues.

Anne has a masters degree in mass communications from the University of Leicester and was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts in 2019.

Her interests include horse riding, adventure travelling – she has twice trekked the Himalayas for the charity and crossed the Andes on horseback for the British Horse Society –  films and reading for pleasure.