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Can you help Santa grant Christmas wishes for children harmed by serious crime?

Thursday 19 November 2020

There’s only 36 days until Christmas and many people have already started shopping online to ensure that Santa’s sleigh is full of goodies to put smiles on children’s faces on 25 December. But this year Santa needs YOUR help.

He has a very special wish list of presents from children who are facing terrible trauma because their lives have been torn apart by serious crime. These children have told Santa of just one gift they would really, really like this Christmas and the man in the red suit is hoping YOU can help ensure they get it.

Embrace Child Victims of Crime (Embrace CVOC) is helping Santa with the launch of its Dear Santa campaign.

Dear Santa is a unique campaign because it enables you to a buy gift for a child in need – and it’s a gift they have actually wished for – so you know your generosity will definitely make Christmas special for that child.

Many of these families cannot afford to buy presents for their children and for some it will be the only gift they get this year.

Embrace CVOC works with children who have been harmed by serious crime. They may have lost their mum, dad, brother, sister or other family member because they have been unlawfully killed. They might have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse or have been living in a home torn apart by domestic violence. These children have had to deal with often unimaginable horrors in their young lives and agencies such as the police, social services or support charities refer them to Embrace CVOC to get the help and support they need.

Every child who is referred to the Dear Santa campaign gets the opportunity to choose a gift they would like to receive from Santa this year. Then all of these gifts are available to buy through Embrace’s website. And when you buy a gift Santa’s elves will gift wrap it for you and ensure it gets to the child who wished for it.

Chief executive of Embrace CVOC Anne Campbell said: “Christmas is wonderful time for families and nothing beats seeing the sheer wonder and delight on children’s faces when they see gifts from Santa under the tree. Sadly many of our children won!t have any presents to look forward to opening.

“What better way to spread Christmas cheer than by making a Christmas wish come true for some of the most vulnerable children in our communities? These children come to us having suffered harrowing experiences that they are struggling to comprehend. We give them the support they need.

“Our Dear Santa campaign aims to ensure these children have a reason to smile on Christmas Day. Every year, the families tell us how much it means for them to know, after the trauma they have experienced, there is still good and kindness in the world. They are heartened that there are people willing to give to strangers to help make their children smile through the toughest of times.

“Please give generously if you can because you really will be making a huge difference to children who have suffered so much.”

Case study: Seven-year-old Alice* won’t get to spend Christmas with her mummy this year.

She will never get to spend Christmas with her again. You see earlier this year Alice’s mum was killed by a man who she knew and should have been able to trust. She was scared as she had seen him be violent towards her mum before.

Every day Alice wakes up knowing she will never see her mummy again. She will never make her breakfast, take her to school or share a bedtime story with her.

Her dad is trying very hard to give her a good Christmas and Embrace CVOC have been supporting the family to help them rebuild their lives.

Alice has asked Santa for a new doll for Christmas. Could you make her Christmas wish come true?

*Alice’s name has been changed and some of the details of her story to protect her identity.

HOW YOU CAN HELP You can purchase a gift for a child harmed by crime directly from our Dear Santa Wish List here

Here you’ll find a list of Dear Santa gifts together with details of the recipients, for example their age, the region they come from and the crime.

Every gift has been chosen by a child who has suffered trauma and it is a gift they would really, really like from Santa this year.

If you would like to order a personalised Certificate of Appreciation from Embrace CVOC following your donation please complete the contact form on the website with your name, email address, who you would like the certificate addressed to and how much has been donated.

What is Embrace CVOC?

Embrace CVOC, based at Copse Court in Peterborough, is the only charity in the UK which works solely with children who have been harmed by serious crime. Since its launch In 1993 it has helped thousands of children across the UK who have suffered violent, physical or sexual abuse or neglect or who have last a close family member to homicide. It operates in all part of the UK, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, and delivers a range of support including access to therapy, practical support and emotional support and uplifting experiences for children and their families.

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