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Accent supports Dear Santa with £500 donation

Thursday 17 December 2020

An housing association is the latest organisation to show its support for our Dear Santa 2020 campaign – with a £500 donation.

Accent’s regional office for the East, which is based at Stuart House, St John’s Street, Peterborough has also adopted Dear Santa as its Christmas appeal this year and encouraged staff to support it.

Accent provides 1,800 homes for people in Peterborough.

Peterborough-based Embrace Child Victims of Crime (Embrace CVOC) launched its Dear Santa 2020 campaign to make Christmas magical for children who have suffered through serious crime.

Damian Roche, Accent’s director of customer experience (East) said: “When we heard about the Dear Santa appeal 2020 we wanted to get involved and help vulnerable children in Peterborough and across the country. This year has been a difficult year but at Accent one of our guiding principles is caring for others and supporting this worthwhile appeal is one way we can make a real difference to children’s lives this Christmas. We have provided our staff in the eastern region with information about the appeal and have circulated it to the wider organisation. We hope we can contribute to making Christmas special for lots of the children Embrace support.”

Every child who is referred to Dear Santa gets to choose a gift they would like to receive from Santa this year.

All of those gifts are available to buy through Embrace’s website and when you make a purchase Santa’s elves will gift wrap it and send it to the child who wished for it.

Anne Campbell, chief executive of Embrace Child Victims of Crime (Embrace CVOC), said: “We are really grateful to staff at Accent for their support for our Dear Santa appeal. Their actions will ensure some of Peterborough’s most vulnerable children have a reason to smile and believe in Santa this year.”

Embrace CVOC is unique because it’s the only organisation in the UK that solely supports child victims of crime. Some of the children supported by Embrace CVOC have lost a parent or sibling through serious crime. Some of them have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse or have suffered years of neglect. It might be they have been living in a home torn apart by domestic violence. These children have dealt with unimaginable trauma in their young lives and police officers, teachers or others who work in safeguarding roles will have referred them to Embrace CVOC to get the help and support they need.

To find out more about Embrace CVOC visit

How you can help You can purchase a gift for a child harmed by crime directly from our Dear Santa Wish List.

To buy a gift for a child who has been harmed by crime visit

Here you’ll find a list of gifts with the recipient’s age, region they’re from and the crime they’ve been affected by.

Every gift has been chosen by a child who has suffered trauma and it is a gift they would really, really like from Santa this year.

You can also donate cash to

To find out more about Embrace CVOC visit